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What is Supervision?

Regular and on-going supervision is a distinctive professional requirement of the counselling profession as well as many others. I am experienced in Supervision of counsellors, counselling trainees and teaching & support staff as well as many others. I am an approved Supervisor with the National Counselling Society


Having the right Supervisor is the most important factor for successful and fulfilling practice.  It will help you feel supported, nurtured and develop your practice in a way that makes you feel safe.  

If you are looking for a supervisor then why not come and meet me.  The initial meet is free and will allow you to see if we fit; there is no obligation as I know from experience finding the right person to work with is imperative especially when things get tough.  You need someone to celebrate the good but help you pick through the not so good.  I will be that person for you.

If you are a trainee counsellor then I am the Supervisor that will help you to make the best of this worthwhile relationship.  The Supervision you have as a trainee will assist with your learning, supporting your work in placement and to achieve your qualification.  A good Supervisor will walk beside you as you develop in skill and confidence.

I hold a Post Graduate Degree in Clinical Supervision and a teaching qualification that makes me especially equipped to provide what you need if you are in training.  If you are qualified then I will support and guide you to continue along the path to provide ethical, safe and rewarding practice for your clients.

I also offer clinical supervision to teaching staff and can come to you if necessary.

As a trainee counsellor your first choice of Supervisor is vital to your continued development and success.  There are many aspects to good supervision that will assist you to develop in your new career, these will develop as your practice develops. 

 If you are an established counsellor then you already know that this part of your practice supports and sustains you in work that is sometimes difficult and draining as well as life affirming and exciting.


As a supervisor of other's practice, being a gatekeeper for all those clients can be a rough path to forge but with the right supervision that journey is made easier and more enjoyable.  I have the skills to help you be the best supervisor you can be whilst supporting and encouraging your charges without diminishing your self.

I have sound knowledge not only of theory of practice but theory in practice and sharing this knowledge with trainee and developing counsellors is my passion; like counselling, supervision can help you to find your way in the dark. Supervision is flexible and can be tailored to your own needs and help you make sense of your work life.

As an employer you might want to consider providing your staff with independent work Supervision as this can help maintain your staff's emotional well being and therefore reduce stress, sickness and increase productivity.  The other bonus of demonstrating emotional support to your workers is that they feel acknowledged and valued, something we all strive for in our life.

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