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There are a lot of reasons  why going for counselling may be helpful including anxiety, bereavement, financial worries, friendship issues,  identity worries, loneliness, loss, relationship worries,  responsibilities feeling overwhelming, sadness, stress, trauma.

Counselling can help you to overcome emotional issues, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship challenges, self-esteem issues, low mood, loneliness, loss, changes and much more.

I believe that by establishing a professional relationship based on trust and acceptance, you will be reminded that you have worth and that this renewed sense of self can give you the confidence to live your life more fully whatever has caused you to feel the way you do.

By letting me sit with you whilst your world is dark, for whatever reason, together we can help you find your strength to be your own light at the end of the tunnel. I believe in you and your unique ability to move forward even when you don't. Whether you be 8 or 80 counselling can help.

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I can provide individual counselling for learners, parents and staff.

Learners: whether 8 or 18 (or older) I have experience providing confidential tailored services to enable them to feel better about their journey in school and the future.

Parents: life is not what it used to be and there are no "normal" family dynamics.  I can help parents to deal with the stresses of raising a child and thus help the child and the parent live a more fulfilling life.

Staff: these wonderful people have to deal with so much more than the curriculum but are not always equipped to handle the emotional turmoil their learners can raise.  I can provide counselling or supervision to help them to deal with the emotional stress and be more resilient in the future

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Counselling in School  or workplace